Saturday, August 11, 2012

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This is a SWEET FIND!!!  I came across this Webcast (continuing education)  site for not only GI, but there is a slew of other diseases and medical conditions that there are webcasts for at the Cleveland Clinic Education Site (home page).
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Basically, these webcasts/videos are provided by doctors and surgeons in which the faculty discuss some of the most current issues within the specific area of medicine that are in need of discussion. The important stuff.

NOTE:  Some pictures/videos are GRAPHIC/of real life surgical procedures and are not for all people (ones with a weak stomach).  Also if you are not familiar with medical terminology, you may not understand the discussion well.    

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I have provided you with the GI Webcast topics that you can choose from (since that's my topic of interest and most of my site visitors are seeking GI information).  There are many other specialties available with up to date valuable information.

I have added a link to my side bar under, "Links you should know" to refer back to it in the future.  Bookmark this one! 

These are my next ones to view:

                                ...... & More.  These are the ones that I plan to view next.  

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