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Ain't this the truth.

This is from an article published in an Ireland medical newspaper (actually one of the first medical newspapers in Ireland) but can apply to any country. Our country, the US to the A's, NEED more knowledge and to be open to letting this drug help people without the hassle that goes along with finding a doctor that will prescribe, having the drug compounded. It's nonsense that needs to not exist. What else can we do???? Any ideas floating around out there about this.

Dear Editor,
I would like to draw your readers’ attention to a medical conference in Dublin on 17 September 2011 at the Clarion Hotel, Liffey Valley, Dublin.
Hosted by the LDN (low-dose naltrexone) Research Trust (UK) and the Association of General Practitioners (AGP) in Ireland, the meeting hopes to draw attention to two recent developments in medicine — the increasing use of LDN in any condition described as autoimmune or in which the immune system is heavily compromised; and the recent development of a new condition, chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI), discovered by Prof Zamboni, a vascular surgeon/researcher in Northern Italy. This latter may have significance for MS and other conditions.
The facts about LDN are not well known for many reasons, but the research work of Prof Ian Zagon in Penn State University over 40 years has demonstrated its effectiveness. Only a handful of doctors in Ireland are using it but, for us who do, its success rate is significant. Patients who are benefiting are pushing to have it more widely recognised worldwide, e.g. LDN Research Trust.
Prof Zamboni’s work is more recent. His research suggests that 90 per cent of people with MS have a narrowed jugular/cerebral/azygous vein systems. This has been verified in ongoing research in Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, the US and elsewhere; surgeons are beginning to address this.
Mr Donald Reid, Vascular Surgeon, Scotland will review his cases and Mr Gianfranco Camplani, Cardiac Surgeon, Belfast, who is an MS patient and has had jugular vein ballooning procedure done on himself, will also present at the conference.
Patients with other conditions will also be present such as MS, fibromyalgia, Ca lung and autoimmune conditions. It would be important to get more doctors better informed on these subjects, and I cordially invite them to attend.
Dr Patrick Crowley,
Association of General Practitioners,
10 Waterside, Waterford.
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