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IBD caused by Accutane Medication- Lawsuit #'s are high* So sorry you trusted them.. Sooo sorry

How exciting :) Another confidence building article!!! Makes me so amped up and pumped with enthusiasm to take those medications tonight.. I'm going to erupt with eagerness any minute now  (that was totally, 100% sarcasm

 How horrible    These poor people that now have IBD from a medication that at some point in the past, was said to be a good, SAFE option for ridding their face from that case of hormonal zits, probably wish they had just dealt with the ugliness of puberty pimples like everyone else did... or opted for Proactive. 
It's really not fair.  I get so angry reading this garbage.  You know the victims most likely feel cheated and lied to, I would.   They trusted their doctors' recommendations and just went with it.  So wrong!  It's like those drug commercials that are advertising a medication for say insomnia and at the end (or middle) of the commercial, announce the horrendous side-effects that seem to be a never ending list of shit that will most likely kill you.  Ok... after hearing the 1st 5, 10, 12 side-effects, you say to yourself with disgust..  These people are hands down serious right now.....  F*&% off Ambien! I'll happily suffer with counting my sheep... thanks, but no thanks.  Or wait, maybe scenario 2 happens.  
Scenario 2 goes like this -  Your eyes follow the wings of the butterfly and you're dazzled by the butterfly's stream of cool colors that lead Miss Sleepy Eyes safely and tranquilly into her warm cozy bed.  The woman smiles as she gently falls into the plush pillow of dreamland.  Mesmerized by the blue butterflies, soothing music and calm voice, you completely missed  the words of death the woman was spewing.   Effective marketing; gets the best of people all the time.   It's the epitome of WRONG. 

The Painful Truth About Accutane Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease

Sarah Klein | July 1st, 2011 | Posted in Accutane Lawsuit News

The majority of Accutane lawsuits focus on two primary medical conditions:  Accutaneulcerative colitis and Accutane Crohn’s disease.  Both are considered inflammatory bowel diseases and cause those who development them considerable debilitation.  There is no cure for either disease leaving those who suffer only with limited options for symptom alleviation.  So far there are over 3500 Accutane lawsuits filed as part of a mass tort inNew Jersey, and many more awaiting trials as part of MDL 1626 centralized in the Middle District of Florida.

Accutane retrial beginning in August

In August, the retrial of the Kamie Kendall case is expected to begin.  Kendall’s case was originally in 2008 resulting in a $10.5 million award.  In 2010 however, the verdict appealled, reversed and a new trial was ordered.
At the time of her first trial Kamie Kendal was only 24 years old.  She had been suffering from the severe effects of Accutane ulcerative colitis for nearly a decade.  At age 12 she was prescribed Accutane and by age 14 had developed ulcerative colitis.

Understanding Accutane ulcerative colitis

This disease causes inflammation and sores, or ulcers, to form in the lining of the rectum and colon.  These ulcerations take place in areas where the inflammation has killed off the cells that usually line and protect the colon, leading to bleeding and pus formation.  The inflammation and irritation of the colon causes it to empty frequently resulting in diarrhea.
In Kamie’s case her Accutane ulcerative colitis became so unmanageable that she was forced to have her entire colon removed.  Of those who develop ulcerative colitis about 25-40% will require the removal of their colon in a procedure called a proctocolectomy.  This is usually due to complications such as massive bleeding, severe illness, colon rupture, or the failure of other treatments.

The other IBD: Accutane Crohn’s Disease

Accutane Crohns disease is similar to ulcerative colitis in that it is caused by inflammation and that they both occur in the bowel.  However the inflammation in this disease is found deeper within the intestinal wall and can occur in other parts of the digestive tract such as the small intestines, mouth, esophagus, and stomach.  Ulcerative colitis is limited to the colon and rectum.
The most common complication of Accutane Crohn’s disease is intestinal blockage caused by thickening of the intestinal wall from swelling or scar tissue resulting in a narrowing of the passage way.  Crohn’s disease can cause sores and ulcers to form which can tunnel through and affect other surrounding abdominal structures like the bladder.  These tunnels are called fistulas and are a common complication of the disease often needing surgery to repair.

More Accutane lawsuits heading to trial

For those suffering from either Accutane ulcerative colitis or Accutane Crohn’s disease, filing an Accutane lawsuit may be an option.   According to court documents, eight other Accutane lawsuits will go to trial this year with jury selection expected to begin on October 11, 2011.  Another jury will be chosen again beginning January 9, 2012 for the trial of four more Accutane lawsuits.


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