Sunday, February 01, 2015

Blood Test to Determine Vitamin/Mineral/Nutrient Levels - #BodyBio

My naturopathic doctor is great!  I'm passing on what she has recommended to me to whomever it can help. 
If you have a vitamin/mineral deficiency, you could go years not feeling well and struggling.  Your regular PCP/MD just don't do a thorough enough test to determine all your needs.  Doctors are on the vitamin D train now... hopefully, but what else might your body be lacking? 
BodyBio is a blood test that will determine vitamin levels/needs.  Check it out if you think you are deficient OR if you have a disease like Crohn's colitis.  Inflammation in the digestive system will hinder the absorption of the nutrients from your foods and supplements.  Most people with a digestive disease probably have malabsorption issues and nutrient deficiencies. 
Just from the top of my head, B vitamins, iron, D, mag, calcium, zinc, C, iodine, K 

Here's the link to the main page for the test - BioCell|Home:

This is a screenshot of one of the example diagnostic pages .