Saturday, September 20, 2014

Crohn's - MAP Bacteria Connection *Video*

Informative 3 min. YouTube video to raise awareness about the Crohn's-MAP bacteria connection.  How humans are exposed and vulnerable to MAP - There are now ways to test for MAP.   
I also posted the links that were provided on the YouTube page under the video for further reading/info.

- The Crohn’s MAP Vaccine
A modern therapeutic Vaccine against MAP has been created. Preliminary studies in animals have shown it to be safe and effective. Next, a trial in humans is needed to take the vaccine from lab to clinic.
Professor John Hermon-Taylor, King's College London

Crohn's Disease Info Center:

Providing the highest quality medical care, Shafran Gastroenterology Center, IBD Center-of-Excellence in Florida:

CDD The Centre for Digestive Diseases, Crohn's Disease:

Efficacy and Safety of Anti-MAP Therapy in Adult Crohn's Disease (MAPUS), RHB-104:

RHB-104 is a proprietary antibiotics drug combination for treatment of Crohn’s disease: