Monday, August 20, 2012

*Cornell Study* Inflammation- Driving Factor Leading to Microbial Imbalances -->Crohn's Disease

Interesting study by Cornell  - Inflammation is said to be the driving contributor that leads to microbial imbalances.  Genes are said to play a role in the intensity and severity of the imbalances in our gut.  

"inflammation, in fact, drives microbial imbalances (dysbiosis) and the proliferation of a specific type of E. coli that is adherent, invasive and found in the ileum, reported Cornell researchers July 31 in PLoS (7[7]). And genetics, they said, do play a role in determining the threshold and magnitude of dysbiosis in response to acute inflammation induced by environmental triggers."
"Our findings clearly demonstrate that inflammation drives ileal dysbiosis and proliferation of CD-associated adherent invasive E. coli. Further, in the context of a patient with Crohn's, we found that the host genotype and therapeutically blocking inflammation both impact the onset and extent of ileal dysbiosis. These novel findings are of high relevance to Crohn's disease." 

Inflammation drives Crohn's disease, says study

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