Thursday, August 16, 2012

Chicken Pox Linked To Digestive Problems?!

WHAT???!!!  Chicken Pox linked to IBD/IBS?

Article Highlights

"Researchers tested six children who all had chicken pox, and all of them had the virus laying dormant in their intestines. In addition, several people (including a 16-year-old boy) were found to have the virus in ulcers that were removed from their stomachs. "

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Chicken Pox Now Linked To DIgestive Problems:

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  1. It is really linked to digestive problem since when you have Chicken Pox usually you will also loses your appetite.

  2. I was so young when I had it, that i can't even remember. I had a rather mild case of chicken pox too.
    This kind of threw me off a little. Its certainly one of the research studies that throws people into the water a little.