Monday, March 14, 2011

I love Cacti.....

... not just because they are so rare and every one is uniquely different than the other, but because they are DELICIOUS (Tequila MMmmmm Yum)  
I don't drink alcohol at all anymore, but when I did, I was the true tequila queen.  Without my knowledge, I was clueless that my liquor of choice was one that was actually gluten free (it's not made with wheat, it's a CACTI:)  For those of you ex-drinkers, you know that most alcohol is made from wheat or some sort of grain.  Some very good options for gluten free alcohol is a potato vodka and sake (made from rice).  There are some very good gluten free beers available at your local grocery store as well.     

Has anyone tried this drink?  It sounds like the magic drink by the description of it in this commercial.  Anyone have a taste of this stuff or know that it actually helps with inflammation?  I have not, but would love to try it.  I have not been able to locate this stuff yet.  

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