Saturday, March 19, 2011

THE SCD DIET-What it is & an article by CCFA.ORG about it's effectiveness

This article will review the available facts and offer a variety of perspectives on the SCD diet to help readers navigate its complexities and form their own opinions as to its value for treating IBD.
What in the world is the SCD DIET ? -----    The SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) is a diet developed and discussed in the award winning book Breaking The Vicious Cycle by author Elaine Gottschall.  This diet has helped many people overcome digestive disorders ranging from IBD to Crohn's disease.  It has been further studied and found that this diet has been effective for the treatment of ADHD and ADD.   Note:  This is a highly restricting diet that can be difficult for a lot of people who are used to the quickness of grabbing already prepared dishes or are regular purchasers of boxed, canned, bottled foods.  A good example of this diet would be to think of a caveman (Ooooo, brings to mind The Paleo Diet... another great restricting diet to help GI disorders.......but that's another blog).
A quick description of his diet is to think about the way food used to be before processing, preservatives, additives and other artificial/flavor enhancing chemical crap were created and started to get added to foods, like alllllll of our foods.  It's sad, but the majority of our society stand blind to all the added junk in that delicious box of mac-n-cheese...... Pssssst........ that cheese that tastes so good, really isn't cheese.  It tastes yummy so we eat it.  Take control of those taste buds people!  Try eating the food that God gave us, in natural form.  Mmmmm, now that is what I call delicious and that is the basic idea of the SCD Diet.  
For more info, go to the official Elaine Gottschall website for further information, the science behind the scd diet and many delicious recipes provided by avid SCD followers.

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