Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Swallowing a PillCam Colon Capsule *Many more benefits than colonoscopy*

How exciting!  A camera pill or colonoscopy?.... Pill/Scope? It's a given what people would choose if given the option.  
Does this mean we don't have to struggle to drink that nasty tasting drink or make a day of sitting on our most used seat (you know what seat I'm talking about).  I've had so many colonoscopies that they don't bother me anymore and the prep isn't even that bad either.  For some people, being scoped is a nightmare and some people actually refuse to have a colonoscopy because of the embarrassment of the whole procedure.  
Well, this PillCamera that is swallowed will make screening a breeze.  I bet more people would agree to the pill method and follow through with the screening.   It's said to be more effective at locating polyps and masses, it's non invasive and there's no need for sedation.  Awesome!! 

(RTTNews) - Given Imaging Ltd. (GIVN:News ) Wednesday reported positive data from the European multicenter study of PillCam COLON 2 confirming that the second-generation PillCam COLON capsule has higher sensitivity for colorectal polyp detection than the first generation technology.
Colon capsule endoscopy is a non-invasive, painless technology that can visualize the colon without sedation orair insufflation, potentially making it an excellent tool for encouraging broader compliance with colorectal cancer screening guidelines.
The study was conducted at eight European sites compared colon capsule endoscopy with conventional colonoscopy for the detection of colorectal polyps or masses greater than or equal to 6 mm in size in a cohort of patients at average or increased risk of colorectal neoplasia.
The goal of the study was to determine the feasibility, accuracy and safety of the upgraded PillCam COLON capsule by comparing it directly with colonoscopy. Per-patient colon capsule endoscopy sensitivity for polyps 6 mm and over and those 10 mm and over was 84 percent and 88 percent, with specificities of 64 percent and 95 percent, respectively.
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by RTT Staff Writer

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