Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Naltrexone - general info & other conditions it could possibly treat

So many people are clueless about this treatment... Thank you FDA, we love you too.
*Naltrexone is only FDA approved for the treatment of opiate/alcohol addiction in the US*  

Low doses of naltrexone can treat Crohn's, Colitis, MS, Cancer, AIDS & an array of other autoimmune diseases (this we know because the clinical trials say so & from personal experience ....  I'm feeling better and I've only been on it for 6 days!!!! YAYYYY)

This is just basic information about naltrexone.   Click on **Other Uses** and see the list of other conditions that Naltrexone can possibly treat.. I can't believe the list.  Autism to sexual dysfunction  Whaaaaaat?


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