Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Could Transparency Life Sciences, LLC Drug Company Actually Be One With Right Intentions? This Makes Me Smile :)

Like Whoa!!! The timing of this article couldn't have come at a better time. I was just thinkig about this exact issue that this company pretty much addresses. Very cool! the fact that funding for trials cost just way too much freaking $$$. TLS drug company will use a different approach in the way they go about gathering potential trial participants, read the article, very different approach. In addition, FINALLY a company that wants to put an end to the stagnant progress with the older drugs that are off patent that no drug companies want to invest their money in for more clinical trials (mainly due to the fact that they will not get much $$ in return with these drugs - one being LDN) Money has always been the main barrier to gaining headway with the FDA for approvAL of certain drugs, especially older effective and safe drugs like LDN. It will be a very happy day when the FDA finally has to approve LDN as a treatment for something else besides addiction. I wonder which 1 out of the hundreds of conditions will be known to improve with the treatment of low dose naltrexone. My guess is.... hmmm.. Multiple Sclerosis or IBD. Hopefully we'll find out soon. Enjoy the article.

—Transformational Approach Aims to Leverage 21st Century Technology and Connectivity to Boost Patient Involvement, Slash Costs and Improve Success Rates in Its Clinical Trials—

—TLS' Crowdsourced Web Platform Allows Patients, Physicians, Researchers and Other Stakeholders to Participate in Clinical Trial Design

Transparency Life Sciences, LLC Launched as World's First Drug Development Company Based on Open Innovation

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