Sunday, November 27, 2011

IBD Patients Using Immunosuppressants Have Increased Cancer Risk

A doctor who is considering treatment options for their patient who has any digestive disease or any disease that is believed to respond positively by a Biologic Drug/ Immunosuppressant, should take a close look at the genetic factors, person's current health state and family history before treating any person with these types of drugs. Let's take my situation to give you an idea about what I'm talking about.
My mother's side of the family has a genetic risk of cancer that has been seen in at least 2 generations. My grandmother had liver or colon cancer and died from the disease sometime in the 80's when she was around the age of 65. My mother, at the age of 39 was diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer that spread like lightening through her body and she passed away by the age of 40. I was 16 at the time, but I believe from the time she found out she had cancer to the time she died, it was within a 6 month period. Any drug that kills my defenses against cancer and infections and viruses ect., is not the right drug for me. It doesn't take a genius to realize this. My fathers side has a history that I just learned about (thats why I am updating this) of cutaneous t-cell lymphoma....  Wait.... Isn't that the side effect that one taking a biologic is at risk of possibly getting.... That exact cancer... lymphoma?  Yes.
Anyone with knowledge about the risks that come with biologic drugs should do what's necessary to determine if this kind of treatment is the best option and SAFEST option for their patient. My doctor did have me try Remicade for a few months and I can't even tell you how I felt right after an infusion........ Dead ass drained. My hair fell out, I had absolutely no energy right after and a few days after the infusion. My point is that the drug was too strong for me, not a safe choice to treat my disease. The sad fact is that I'm sure I'm not the only person that this has happened to or is happening to.
With doing A LOT of research, searching, corresponding with people who also have Crohn's in forums, and being proactive and following my intuition, has led me to find one of the safest, cheapest and damn effective medications... 10X more effective than Remicade AND the beautiful thing about this drug - 0 ZERO side-effects... I haven't felt this good in 4 years and I can have a life again. I'm 100% happy with my choice to go on LDN and not fall into the intimidation of family/friends/doctors who didn't support my decision. When you do your part, which is research and talking with people that tried or use the medication, you now have that knowledge and NO ONE can steal that from you. You can take what these negative people say, and it will not influence your decision at all. You know the facts, you've done hours of reading (have they?) and you are confident that this is a medication that will be effective and safe to try. I'm glad I did go with my gut and give it a try. I haven't felt like this in a long time and I know for a fact that Remicade or Imuran would have gotten me to this place.
Be proactive and don't just take what your doctor says and trust him/her 100% until you do your part. It's your body & it's your life that will be effected by the things that go into your body. Do the research before saying "yes" to any treatment that is recommended. You'll learn a lot.

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PressTV - Bowel disease drug ups cancer risk

PressTV - Bowel disease drug ups cancer risk:

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