Monday, November 21, 2011

Expert Acupuncturist - Educates about Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Improve IBD

Kathleen Albertson, L Ac, PhD in Holistic Nutrition, and author speaks at a Digestive Disease Center to discuss the benefits of uniting Western & Eastern medicine. I have received acupuncture only one time and it was very interesting and helped me. It feels as if the toxins are leaving your body.. The only way I can describe it,is that it feels like a flow of air moving upward toward your head from your feet. Pretty amazing & I'd like to have more sessions.

This part of the article is 100% true; the connection between stress and IBD.
She stated, "The brain and nervous system becomes imbalanced by stress and overacts on the stomach and digestive system. This creates a domino effect of problems from pain, and inflammation to immune issues. Integrating TCM as part of patient care reduces the side effects of western medications and in many cases resolves symptoms. TCM calms the nervous system affecting both physical and emotional health. We see better outcomes when patients integrate Western and Eastern protocols. TCM, also widely recognized for reducing stress, benefits many of the emotional components associated with bowel problems---emotions such as depression, shame, and anger. Even patients who have had surgical procedures feel better and many insurance companies now cover acupuncture treatments.

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Renowned Acupuncturist Speaks at Irritable Bowel Disease Patient Education Conference, UC, Irvine:

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