Thursday, June 19, 2014

** ANNOUNCEMENT** Changing Blog Platforms... Any Recommendations?

Hello to everyone who reads what I post on here.  I hope you've found something helpful in the information and topics that I choose to highlight in my posts.  I took a bit of a break from researching my ass off for the past few months, but I'm back at it again.  I'll never stop learning about this disease, as I am empowered by the things I know about it.  It tends to make me feel more in control as well.  
My new posts are not going to be posted here, however.  Maybe I will import the new entry onto this Blogger/blogspot blog for a few months or something, but I need to switch & want to switch.  The rss code has an error somewhere.  I have tried to fix it, with no success and I'm done.  People that 'subscribe' to a post or new posts, will not get the notification because the code is f'd up.  All the places that each blog entry is supposed to go to when I publish the entry, doesn't go anywhere.  It's annoying. 
I haven't figured out where exactly I will move my blog to, but I'll let you guys know where when I get it going. 

Have any suggestions for good blog platforms??  Or are there any blogging sites that you tend to prefer more than others?  let me know....  

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