Sunday, March 04, 2012

Nick Cannon - Just 1 More Case Of The so called "non curable" Auto-Immune Disease

I'm so damn sick of hearing the word "AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE".  If the immune system doesn't work as it should and is "diseased" because it's attacking  areas of the body that are perfectly healthy, how in the world did this begin, when did it start, why do the majority of elderly people and even people aged 50 and up not have he threat of these disease?  & if you know about Autoimmune conditions, there are at least over 20 conditions that fall into the category... if not more.  
Our generation, up coming generation, and our poor children's generation are faced with these, or will be faced with these horrible health challenges.  They are almost doomed once they are conceived because they are already being fed the trash that comes from the food of the mother.  
I don't want to raise my family here, in the US with the health care only becoming more bleak as the years go on.  Our health 20 years ago compared to today is TERRIBLE.... &only getting worse.  Our nation  has all some of the greatest medical advances, technology, drugs, so WTF is the problem???  It's sickening that so many people are suffering with these diseases that the doctors say "can only be managed".  
That's a lie and I'm beginning to have hatred toward the entire medical system.

Before I forget to mention, someone will think to themselves. 'Well, death rates are much older than they used to be.  People are living to be well into their 80's.  That's true... but what kind of qualityof life are they living.  Are they existing, in chronic pain, spending all their money on health care to "manage" their health condition.  
My guess.... is that they aren't living the best life they could possibily be living, unless they are just solid and healthy people, if they refuse to just take the pill and live (putting up with the pain). Other's don't suffer from the condition in a way that it interferes in their daily life, so those people only complain, call the doctor and get more meds to give temp. relieve, but most likely, so many meds these days, precipitate more health problems.

This is my vent.  I'm fed up and annoyed!!  I hear AUTOIMMUNE way to much, but why isn't anything being done to treat the person in a way that wont harm them further, if not send them to their grave!!!!! 
Nick Cannon: I have an auto-immune disease - 21 News Now, More Local News for Youngstown, Ohio -

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