Sunday, January 01, 2012

Telemedicine - Outpatient Care for IBD Patients By Using A Computer - Trial Link & My Opinion

I came across this journal clinical trial and thought I'd post this, I've never heard of this and probably many people have never heard about it as well. It's called "Telemedicine" in which the IBD patient is able to communicate with their health care provider from afar by using something called "Collaborative Imaging", all done with the use of a computer and an internet connection. Check it out.

My thoughts on this.... It sounds awesome because you could easily follow up with your doctor during those times that we are ill and it's difficult to leave the house. Also, it's hard to find good doctors and some people (like myself) have to travel about 2 hours to see my doctor that I am thankful I have found. BUT it's a pain in my ass to have to drive that far. This method of interaction over the internet would allow both parties to communicate more easily, better adherence to following the protocol and alot less missed appointments. How many of us cancel those appointments because of the long drive and reschedule for another day... like when we aren't having a blizzard.

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