Thursday, April 21, 2011

How to Compound Low Dose Naltrexone - Article from E-how

Many people, including myself, have been unsuccessful with getting prescribed LDN from their regular physicians or specialists.  This is mostly due to the lack of knowledge that doctors have about this drug. I send my current doctor that I'm working with for my GI issues, information about the drug so he can learn about LDN.
 I would much prefer to get a "regular" script and fill it the normal way any other drug would get filled.  My options for treatment are limited and i've tried many medications for my Crohn's Disease.  I have done my research on LDN, read reports from the patients who take LDN and I feel confident about the drug and have high hopes that it will work for me.
Anyway, if you have ordered naltrexone independently, and have concerns and questions about compounding/reducing your 50mg tablet, so you are able to take the appropriate dose (between 1mg - 4.5mg), here are the easy instructions.  Very simple to do.

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