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Morinaga BB536® - A Top Selling Probiotic with 40 Clinical Trials to Support the Benefits - PDF file DL

Morinaga Maypro has put together a file of 40 clinical trials over the span of  30 years ,that looks at different issues in the body from digestive support to immunity to infant health and more, all of the studies used the BB536 probiotic.  Interesting to read the various issues and how this probiotic worked for each .  You can click the link at the bottom of the page to download the 32 page PDF file with all the 40 clinical trials.  All you have to do is fill out the form.  OR if you send me an email or private message with an e-mail address, I can e-mail the pdf file right to you.

Format:PDF file
Length:32 Page(s)
Type:Clinical Study

Morinaga BB536® - Japan’s Top-Selling Clinically Proven Probiotic
In breastfed infants, an astonishing 90% of the bacterial colonies in the GI tract are made up of bifidobacteria.  As we age, the presence of Bifidobacterium longum in particular drops precipitously leaving only an average of 5% of the original colonies in an adult intestinal tract.  Since it is often replaced with harmful bacteria such as E.coli, the case for nutritional supplementation with bifidobacterium longum is strong.
But not all strains within this species are created equal.  Morinaga BB536 is supported by40 human clinical studies showing a range of benefits for digestive support, immunity, healthy response to seasonal challenges and infant health.  BB536 also offers unparalleled stability, showing 80% active cell counts after 48 months at room temperature.

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