Tuesday, May 29, 2012

List ---> Gluten Free Alcohol Beverages *UPDATED*

Updates for 7/13 are in red
  • Amaretto - Disaronno Originale Amaretto, Hiram Walker
  • Anisette - Hiram Walker
  • *Bacardi Silver products NOT gluten-free
  • Beer - Redbridge, Bard's Tale Dragon's Gold, Bard's Tale Tavern Ale - coming soon,New GristSchlafly Gluten-free Ale, Green's (many flavors), Shakparo Ale (Sprecher Brewery), Mbege (Sprecher Brewery), Honey Beer (Ramapo Valley Brewery), La Messagère Messagere Red Ale (Canada), Birra 76 Bi-Aglut (Italy), O’Brien Premium Lager, Pale Ale & Brown Ale (O'Brien Brewing, Australia), Glutaner (Mongozo BV - sold in 15 countries - not yet sold in the U.S.), Budweiser *lime*G-Free Beer,
  • Blue Curacao - Hiram Walker

  • Brandy -  Hiram Walker
  • Cafe Aztec - Hiram Walker
  • Champagne, Wine, and Sparkling Wines
  • Cognac - Martell (email 8/22/08)
  • Cointreau
  • Diageo - "Diageo products, which have been distilleddo not contain glutens or gluten residues, Captain Morgan Rums are gluten free but not the Flavored Malt Beverages...(email 01/28//09)
  • Dr. McGillicuddy - "the alcohol is sourced from corn products" -"We do not knowingly add any gluten-containing products, but can not certify that they are gluten free." (01/30/09)
  • E. & J. Gallo Winery  U.S. products are all gluten-free (email 12/2/11)
  • Gin - Beefeater Gin (gluten-free but made from wheat, email 8/11/08), Cold River (potato based)
  • Grand Marnier
  • Hiram Walker no gluten present in Hiram Walker products (website FAQ 1/26/09)
  • Horsby's Hard Cider all gluten-free (email 12/2/11)
  • Jägermeister "On basis of current analyses Jägermeister can be considered free from gluten, starch and lactose." (email 12/15/09)
  • Kahlua
  • Kirschwasser - Hiram Walker
  • Rum - Pyrat Rum XO Reserve (email 9/26/11), Bacardi (*Bacardi Silver products NOTgluten-free)Captain Morgan, Havana Club (all varieties, email 1/14/10)Cacique Rum, Malibu Rum (email 8/31/10)
  • Sambuca - Hiram Walker
  • Schnapps - all Hiram Walker
  • Scotch
  • Sparkling Wine
  • Tequila - Patron (Silver, Reposado, Anejo, Gran Patron Platinum, Gran Patron Burdeos,Citronge, XO Café) email 9/26/11), Cazadores Reposado, *Jose Cuervo Tradicional,  Sauza Tequilas (email 6/9/08)Cabo Wabo, any 100% Agave, Including White Tequila by Albertson's, Acme, Jewel, Equaline Good Day Labels (mail 5/21/08)  
       *Jose Cuervo website states that all Jose Cuervo tequilas, Authentic      
 Cuervo Margaritas, Margarita Minis, and Golden Margaritas are gluten-free. *Don Julio products are NOT gluten-free - 
  • Triple Sec - Hiram Walker
  • Vermouth
  • Vodka - Smirnoff (made from corn), Smirnoff Citrus Twist, UV Vodka (corn)Rain Organics Vodka (made from 100% organic white, corn), Ciroc (grapes)Chopin, Luksusowa, Teton Glacier, Zodiac, Bushman's, Hampton's, Kamchatka, Popov Citrus & Popov Tangerine, Reisk, Monopolowa, Ketel One (gluten-free but is made from 100% wheat), Beak & Skiff Vodka (distilled from apples), Blue Ice Vodka (potato vodka), Bombora (Australian grape based), Boyd & Blair (potato based), Cold River Potato Vodka, Famous Vodka (potato based), Krome Vodka (corn based), RWB Vodka (potato), Tito's Handmade Vodka (corn), Vikingfjord Vodka (potato),  

  • Wine - all except wine coolers made with malt

  • Whiskey - Queen Jenny Whiskey
  • Bourbon - Hudson Bay Bourbon (corn)
  • Hard Cider - ACE Cider, Crispin Cider, Magners Cider, Strongbow Cider, Woodchuck Cider, McKenzie's Cider
  • Sake - All varieties (rice based)

List Referenced from: http://www.glutenfree-lifestyle.com/gluten-free-alcohol-beverages.html

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