Monday, August 15, 2011

Dificid- A New Drug to Treat C. DIFF.- Now FDA Approved for Use

Dificid Approved to Treat iC. diff/i Diarrhea --Doctors Lounge

I'm posting this article because C. diff., a bacteria infection that is usually contracted in hospitals that causes severe diarrhea and in some cases can cause colitis or even death, can be treated by a new drug that was just FDA approved. The drug Dificid is said to be effective with treating the continual diarrhea that C. diff. infected sufferers experience.

I do not know anyone that has been prescribed this medication yet, but I like to know that there are other options for treatment that are available for people with this infection. Hospitals are the most common place where people become infected with C. diff. I have two family members that became ill with this infection during their stay in the hospital. Both my Aunt and Grandmother were plagued with the persistent and temporary debilitating C. diff. Some people cannot leave the house due to symptoms and sometimes the infection lasts for months and if you're an unfortunate one, the bacteria infection can recur at some point in the future.

What I know for a fact that works for helping eliminate and calm symptoms is taking a good probiotic. This was the ONLY helpful thing my Aunt took that helped her get better & back to normal. You must replenish your gut flora that is killed by the bacteria & also killed by the prescribed antibiotic, leaving you with no good bacteria in your gut = not good.

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